Sangle pour tapis de yoga
Sangle pour tapis de yoga
Sangle pour tapis de yoga
Sangle pour tapis de yoga

Sangle pour tapis de yoga

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Soyez toujours prêt à vous consacrer à votre pratique grâce à la sangle de yoga Evoke. Cette sangle robuste sert de bandoulière facile à utiliser pour transporter votre tapis au studio, et de sangle d'étirement pour maintenir la posture et approfondir les étirements pendant la séance. Un complément pratique à votre équipement de yoga. Namasté.

8’ x 1 ½ inches (2.5 m x 3.8 cm)

Features & Benefits

Toile en coton durable et léger

Boucle facile à ajuster
Dimensions : 8 ½ x 1 ½ po (2,5 m x 3,8 cm)


Customer Reviews

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After watching a YouTube video on how the strap is used to stretch, the product now makes a bit more sense. However it is VERY long and I still find other accessories easier to stretch with.

As for a yoga mat strap...yeah I cannot figure it out for the life of me.

Convenient and durable

High quality yoga strap. Havent used it yet but it feels very durable. Love that it also doubles has a mat carry strap!! So convenient to have it 2 in 1.

Durable and Quality

This is a durable and high quality strap. It can be used to help with stretching or to tie up your mat, but I find it less seamless for the latter. I don't love the grey colour but it definitely does the job.


Trying out my new Evoke Yoga Strap.

Its great for people like myself who need assisted stretches. Perfect for practicing cow face arms as I have very tight shoulders. Love it for tricep stretches and for my hamstrings. It also doubles as a sling for carrying your mat.

Great quality my only issue is Im 5 tall so the strap is way too long for me.

I will be incorporating my strap into a lot of my stretches.


This Evoke yoga strap is easy to use. It is also durable. The quality is high. It is comfortable to hold. It is adjustable to each yoga mat too. I would recommend it.