Haltère ajustable - 5 à 25 lb (2,3 à 11,3 kg)
Haltère ajustable - 5 à 25 lb (2,3 à 11,3 kg)

Haltère ajustable - 5 à 25 lb (2,3 à 11,3 kg)

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Accessoire polyvalent pour des séances d’entraînement intensives à la maison, cet haltère ajustable EVOKE permet de modifier le poids rapidement et facilement — il suffit de tourner la poignée pour sélectionner le poids désiré. Seuls les niveaux de poids que vous aurez choisis resteront sur la poignée, les autres demeureront dans le plateau.

5 lb to 25 lb

Features & Benefits

Conception en fer durable

Cadran double face pour sélectionner le poids rapidement et facilement
Poignées profilées et texturées pour une prise sûre
Support de fixation des poids pour un accès et un rangement faciles
Un seul modèle compact offrant un choix multiple de poids
Cinq réglages de poids par intervalle de 5 lb, allant de 5 lb à 25 lb


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Versatile and easy to use!

I love this! Its so easy to use and the weights are comfortable to hold in a variety of ways. They seem like they will last a long time, and I get a great pump with them!

User friendly and space saving free weights!

This product is really genius. 5-25 lb adjustable weights with a simple rotation of the handle and an obvious click. Space saving and a great range of weight for working different muscle groups. I like that you cant drop weights accidentally while using because you can only adjust the weight in the platform holder. I only wish this was a set of 2! Will be on the lookout to purchase another to complete the set :)

Makes working out quick and easy!

Ive been wanting to have an adjustable dumbbell set for the longest time and I finally got a chance to review one! Im so happy about receiving this for review. I LOVE that it barely tastes up space since all the weights is stacked into one. I have regular dumbbell set and it takes up so much space in my small condo. This adjustable dumbbell does the job for me and I can leave it out without taking up too much room. It helps me be more consistent with my workouts since its sitting out in my living room with no worries about being in the way.

Very versatile!!

The versatility of this is awesome! Being able to switch easily for different types of exercises is great! I am curious to see the long term durability, considering there are parts that are moving theres more opportunity for breaking.


Thanks to influnster and evoke, i was able to test evokes adjustable dumbbell for free! Aesthetically, this is the prettiest dumbell I have ever seen. EVOKE's adjustable dumbbell lets you select anywhere from two twenty-five pounds with ease. This is a real space saver,
Plus, as a bonus, it is really esthetically pretty. I know I've already mentioned this, but compared to some of the other dumb Bells I've used, I really love the look of this one by evoke. I'm not trying to tuck it away and hide it. At first, I was worried that it would be difficult to change the weight selection. However, as you can see in the video, it slides in and out easily and adjusts using the barbell portion. Oddly enough.I've I actually did a few more sets than I normally do because I really liked how well the dumbbell sits in my hand. It offers a comfortable gri.Don't know if in the videos you could see, but I do have my nails done, and typically, it gets in the way, but this design is perfect for that. I did some comparisons price wise and found that evoke is price comparably the other high-end brands. I highly recommend checking out a Volkswagen ball if you're in the market or if you want to upgrade yours.I couldn't be happier.