Balle de massage
Balle de massage

Balle de massage

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Apaisez vos muscles endoloris grâce à la balle de massage réparatrice Evoke. Que vous soyez tendu après une séance d’entraînement intense ou une longue journée au bureau, notre balle de massage peut vous aider à soulager ces muscles douloureux. La balle robuste de 3 ½ po (9 cm) présente une surface texturée qui procure un soulagement ciblé. Utilisez-la pour éliminer les nœuds douloureux dans les épaules, les pectoraux, les mollets, les ischio-jambiers, les fessiers, le cou et le dos. Durable et portative, la balle de massage compacte se glisse simplement dans votre sac pour un soulagement immédiat n’importe où, n’importe quand.

3 ½ inches (9 cm)

Features & Benefits

Soulagement ciblé des muscles endoloris

Le format de la balle de 3 ½ po (9 cm) est idéal pour éliminer les nœuds douloureux dans les épaules, les pectoraux, les mollets, les ischio-jambiers, les fessiers, le cou, le dos et bien plus
La surface texturée aide à relâcher les tensions
Modèle durable résistant à une utilisation régulière
Facilement transportable pour une utilisation à la maison, au travail ou à la salle de sport

Customer Reviews

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A Small Massage Ball with Enormous Possibilities!

A great portable massage ball that is small enough to work any stiff muscle in your body but sturdy enough to be effective! It is lightweight, comfortable to use and the super cute colour makes it easy to find inside any gym or work bag! Really helps with my carpal tunnel, stiff neck and lower back issues!

Easy to take on the go

This massage ball is perfect size, fits in the palm of your hands, super easy to throw in your bag and take anywhere with you. I appreciate its a harder plastic so you are able to actually put pressure on it to get the massage youd like! You can use it on your own, rolling it on the floor under the body part youd like massaged or have someone help you! Easily washable.

Does what it should

This has been great for helping to release tight calves. Its a little too pointy for my comfort, but my husband and daughter both use it after working out and at the end of a day spent sitting. It is perfectly sized to throw in your bag and bring with you to the gym and while travelling.

Gets knots out - works well!

This is a great product! It works well. Have an area that needs massaging? Use this! Helps get all the knots out. This is a free product in exchange for my review. Thank you @Influenster #Complimentary #wellnessyourway @sportchek

Works great

Thanks to Influenster for sending me this massage ball. I love all the ridges on it as it helps to press onto my muscle knots. It's very firm too which I feel helps to loosen everything up. Will be adding this to my stretching routine or for when I get sore and tight muscles.