Mini Latex Resistance Loop Multi-Pack
Mini Latex Resistance Loop Multi-Pack

Mini Latex Resistance Loop Multi-Pack

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Elevate your total body workout with an EVOKE Resistance Band. A versatile tool for fitness or physical therapy, resistance bands help build strength and stability and assist with warm-up, recovery and muscle activation. They are crafted from durable and flexible latex rubber in a range of resistance levels and are lightweight and portable, so you can easily exercise at home, the office or on the road. Whether you're looking to stretch tight muscles, tone and strengthen or rehabilitate from a muscle-related injury, an EVOKE Resistance Band brings flexibility to your routine. Ideal for strength training, yoga, Pilates, general fitness and rehabilitation.

15 x 3 1/8 inches (38 x 8 cm)

Features & Benefits

Set of three bands includes light, medium and heavy intensity levels

Multipurpose band for upper and lower body stretching and workouts
Increases strength and stability
Ideal for warm-up and muscle activation
Assists with rehabilitation and injury recovery
Secure, non-slip grip
Durable latex construction stands up to regular use
Lightweight and compact design
Use for strength training, yoga, Pilates and more