Minirouleau de massage
Minirouleau de massage
Minirouleau de massage

Minirouleau de massage

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Apaisez vos muscles endoloris grâce au minirouleau de massage réparateur Evoke. Que vous soyez tendu après une séance d’entraînement intensive ou une longue journée au bureau, notre rouleau de massage peut vous aider à soulager ces muscles douloureux. Le rouleau de massage polyvalent comporte des poignées profilées pour une prise confortable et des axes thérapeutiques bioénergiques qui procurent un massage des tissus en profondeur et réduisent la douleur et la raideur aux muscles. Utilisez-le sur les bras, les jambes, le dos, les fessiers ou tout autre endroit où vous ressentez des tensions. Durable et portatif, le rouleau de massage Evoke se glisse simplement dans votre sac pour un soulagement immédiat n’importe où, n’importe quand. .

18 ½ x 2 3/16 inches (46 x 5.5 cm)

Features & Benefits

Soulagement direct et ciblé des muscles endoloris s

Modèle polyvalent pouvant être utilisé sur le dos, le cou, les bras, les jambes, les fessiers, etc.
Axes thérapeutiques bioénergiques réduisant la douleur et la raideur aux muscles
Procure un massage des tissus en profondeur
Poignées profilées pour une prise facile
Modèle durable résistant à une utilisation régulière
Facilement transportable pour une utilisation à la maison, au travail ou à la salle de sport 

Customer Reviews

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Pretty decent!

This product is great and super helpful for post-workout stretching. I most often use it during my cool-down after a run on my thighs and calves. I dont love the material its made of but it hasnt broken or damaged yet!

Durable and compact

This massage stick gets the job done. Its effective and durable for when you need stronger pressure, and its also lightweight and compact if you need to take it on the go.

Perfect mini massage stick

I received this product Evoke mini massage stick for free from @Influenster and @sportchek in exchange for my honest review.
This product was the best choice I picked from many others. I have chronic pain and my deep tissue muscles really needed this for myself.
This restorative evoke massage stick easily rolls perfect over your body and it has these irregular soft cones that deeply penatrate my muscles. It gave me relief and loosened them up. It increased my blood flow to help reduce my inflammation. Definitely this product did what it said it was used for, targeted muscle relief and increases circulation. Bonus its durable and portable for on the go.
I like my new Evoke mini massage stick.

Portable and Compact Solution for Sore and Stiff Muscles

Whether you frequent the gym or you have a sedentary office job, the Evoke Mini Massage Stick is great! Its compact and portable making it easy to toss into your gym bag or backpack. It features contoured handles and bioenergy therapeutic spindles provide good pressure in order to loosen muscles and stiffness

I love using this on my arms and my legs but I do find it a bit challenging to use on my shoulders and back which are my main trouble spots. Overall though, I think this is great to keep on hand to soothe and ease your muscles at home or on the go

Amazing massage stick

I love this massage stick! Its so easy to use on me or another. The size is perfect to use on any part. Its well made and looks very sturdy! The material also makes this easy to clean.