Tapis d’entraînement à trois sections
Tapis d’entraînement à trois sections
Tapis d’entraînement à trois sections
Tapis d’entraînement à trois sections

Tapis d’entraînement à trois sections

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Quelle que soit votre passion, le tapis d’entraînement à trois sections EVOKE est conçu pour faciliter votre parcours vers le bien-être. Sa conception durable procure un soutien ferme pour faire vos étirements, renforcer le milieu du corps, effectuer des exercices au sol, pratiquer le yoga, le Pilates et plus encore. Le tapis d’entraînement aide à absorber l’impact des séances d’exercices à haute intensité et procure une surface confortable et matelassée de 2 po (5,1 cm) pour étirer vos muscles endoloris ou pour vous livrer à une séance d’abdos intensive. Facile à transporter et à ranger, ce tapis pliant apporte plus de diversité à vos séances d’entraînement à la maison ou au gym.

2 inches (5.1 cm) Thickness, FULL SIZE 24 inches W x 71 1/2 inches L x 2 inches H (60.96 x 181.6 x 5.1 cm) et FOLDED SIZE 23 7/8 inches W x 23 7/8 inches L x 6 1/2 inches H (60.64 x 60.64 x 16.5 cm)

Features & Benefits

Tapis de 2 po d’épaisseur pour un confort coussiné sur les planchers durs

Modèle pliable muni de poignées pour un transport et un rangement faciles
Conception durable pour des entraînements fréquents
Idéal pour les étirements, les exercices de renforcement du tronc et au sol, le yoga, le pilates et plus encore
Facile à nettoyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
folds up for easy storage!

Love this durable, comfortable mat love how folds up for easy storage has the handles and you can tell that the quality of foam is good quality. Has double handles. kids use it not only to practice their gymnastics but it is excellent to use to build forts!

Compact and great quality!!

This exercise mat is designed really well and folds up super compact. Its durable and I can tell will last for years to come. My daughter and I have been using it for a week now and I love how sturdy it is.

Absorbes pressure!

I have been in the market for a thicker exercise mat for some time. I am a heavier individual and struggle to be on my hands and knees on hard surfaces, as well as trying to do sit-ups at home. I have issues with my wrists from a past job that flare up when I put my entire body weight on them. I tested this mat doing sit-ups at home. It worked and absorbed the pressure of the ground. I also tried some yoga poses that require me to put a lot of pressure on my wrists. This absorbed most of the pressure. 95% more than a yoga mat ever could. I'm very grateful to be sent this product to test and forsee me using it quite often. Bonus points for my 3 year old also enjoying it to jump on and sit on while playing with her toys.

Durability, Comfort and Value in 1

I was pleasantly surprised with my Evoke Tri Fold Training Mat. It is supportive, durable and unlike most mats Ive tried very comfortable! The value for your money is unmatched in the industry for such a top scale product.

Very good

I liked the product. It is soft and a great mat to use when exercising and it is also affordable. I would definitely recommend to those who are looking for a portable and durable mat.