A fresh take on wellness.

Meet Evoke Wellness - a new brand that embodies inclusivity, encouragement and positivity, designed to best support your holistic wellness journey.

Evoke Wellness is a new brand featured exclusively at Sport Chek and Sports Experts.

Our brand mantra is "wellness your way". We have a diverse range of wellness products that are simple, easy to understand and work to best support you in your fitness journey and goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

Evoke's assortment includes a broad range of studio, strength training and recovery products.

Within our studio assortment, we design products to help you achieve the optimal mind-body connection in the practice of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. Our strength training assortment works to holistically support all your fitness goals - whether its resistance, agility, or weight training. To help you bounce back, our recovery products can bring relief and reduce soreness when you need it most.

Life is complicated, we are not.

Evoke's range of products are designed to help you meet your individualized wellness goals. Whether your journey starts in your living room, home gym, in the studio, on the track, or anywhere else, our range of quality products are designed to suit various environments.

Our brand is more than just fitness products, we are building a wellness community that is inspiring, inclusive, and encouraging.

Our brand strives to inspire and educate - we communicate the uses and benefits of Evoke products in manners that are easy to understand and that can be applied to your wellness journey. We are also a beacon of positivity. Holisitc wellness is for everyone. We are here to support and celebrate all accomplishments, cheering for progress over perfection.

Your go-to wellness partner