Accupressure Mat
Accupressure Mat
Accupressure Mat

Accupressure Mat

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Treat yourself to at-home pain relief with the EVOKE Acupressure Mat. Designed to alleviate muscle tension, the mat features 6210 spikes that activate pressure points in the body, helping to stimulate circulation and promote recovery. Lay on the mat to soothe a sore neck and back, stand on it to relieve achy feet, or use it to apply pressure wherever you feel tense. An acupressure mat is also shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress and may aid with headaches and insomnia. Recommended for use 10–20 minutes a day to start. Gradually scale up in 5–10 minute increments if desired.

26 3/8 x 16 ½” (67 x 42 cm)

Features & Benefits

100% cotton polyurethane filler

6210 spikes for stimulation
30 degree density of sponge for filler
with a carry bag