Globe Vibrating Massage Ball
Globe Vibrating Massage Ball
Globe Vibrating Massage Ball

Globe Vibrating Massage Ball

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Wellness your way. Relieve muscle tension and soreness with the EVOKE Vibrating Massage Ball. Ideal for warmup or post-workout recovery, its vibrating motion and grooved surface activate trigger points, delivering a deep tissue massage and stimulating circulation and myofascial release. Choose between four vibrating levels—low, constant, medium, and high, and use the rechargeable massage ball in standing, lying or sitting positions to loosen tight areas including neck, back, shoulders, feet, calves and glutes. Light and easily portable, it’s a great tool for personalized, targeted muscle relief at home or on the go. Consult a physician prior to commencing an exercise program. If, at any time during exercise, you feel faint, dizzy, or experience pain, stop and consult your physician.

4 5/16" Diameter (11 cm)

Features & Benefits

Vibrating ball with ergonomic, grooved surface

Delivers customized, targeted relief for sore muscles
Helps to increase circulation and promote muscle recovery
Ideal for self-massage and self-myofascial release
Adjustable vibration modes—low, constant, medium and high
Loosens tight areas including shoulders, back, pecs, feet, calves, quads and glutes
Rechargeable battery for 75 minutes of continuous use
Soft, silicone surface provides a comfort grip