Guided Foam Roller
Guided Foam Roller
Guided Foam Roller
Guided Foam Roller
Guided Foam Roller

Guided Foam Roller

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Soothe sore muscles with the EVOKE Guided Foam Roller. After a strenuous workout or long day at your desk, a foam roller can help relieve muscle tension and soreness. Our self-guided massage roller features printed instructions, so you can practice essential exercises with ease. It has a non-slip textured surface for targeting tight areas such as your back, IT band, hamstrings, calves, and it's a great recovery tool for myofascial release. Durable and portable, you can take the EVOKE Guided Foam Roller with you for go-to relief from life's everyday aches and pains.

24 inches L x 6 inches Diameter (61 cm x 15 cm)

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-use, guided instructions printed right on the roller

Hands-on relief for muscle tightness and soreness
Helps prevent injury and aids in muscle recovery
Enhances balance and flexibility
Loosens tight areas including the back, IT band, hamstrings, calves and glutes
Ideal for self-massage and self-myofascial release – please verify
Non-slip, textured surface prevents slipping during use
High-density foam is durable and retains its shape over time
Lightweight and easily portable