Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun
Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun
Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun
Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun
Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun

Hot & Cold Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun

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Relax, relieve sore muscles and speed up recovery with the EVOKE Compact Hot & Cold Massage Gun. This versatile massage gun features six intensity levels for a choice of gentle, relaxing massage or deep, invigorating massage. A powerful full-body massage tool, it comes with six attachment heads to target different sore spots, including a hot head to stimulate circulation and a cold head to help reduce swelling. Use it as part of your warmup routine, for post-workout recovery, or to help relieve everyday tension. Ultra-quiet and easy to charge, this compact handheld massager delivers customized relief from aches and pains at home or on the go.

Includes: Massage gun, 6 attachment heads, charging cable, adapter and 11" H x 7 1/8" L x 2 5/8" W (28 cm x 18 cm x 6.8 cm)

Features & Benefits

Delivers hot, cold and targeted relief for sore muscles

Helps to increase circulation, reduce swelling and promote muscle recovery
Ideal for self-massage and self-myofascial release
Features 6 intensity levels for customized relief and relaxation
Comes with 6 attachment heads to target different sore spots
Ultra-quiet, brushless motor
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery; 120- minute runtime
Compact, lightweight and cordless design for easy use at home or on the go

Customer Reviews

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Super nice to use , I enjoy the cold feature !

Its a nice machine. I like the cold function a-lot. Only one problem is, in order to make it go harder you need to press the machine down. But over all I enjoy this product !

I love it!

I rarely get a professional massage because I'm too ticklish and it's hard for me to relax my body during a session that's why I look for other ways to reduce my body pain. I use this massage gun everytime I feel body tension or muscle pain from working and doing exercise. I also have a mild scoliosis and I find it very helpful in relieving my back pain. There are 6 attachment heads you can use to address different spots and 6 intensity levels for a choice of gentle or deep massage. I wish the handle is a little bit longer or has a stopper where I can get a good grip when choosing high intensity levels but other than that, I am very satisfied with its performance and long battery life.

Great little massage gun

I was super excited to get this as Ive never tried a massage gun before! This comes with 6 attachments (two being a cold and hot attachment). I like that it is rechargeable so doesnt use batteries and hands free. It also isnt noisy, just like it advertises which is awesome. This will definitely help with post workout pains or even everyday aches and pains on the body!

For a quick massage to relieve muscle pain

The Evoke Hot and cold massage gun is amazing for sore or to increase circulation its has 6 speeds to choose from on the massage gun and is very easy to use including the heat attachment having 3 speed it has a battery life of 30-45 mins with is great for a quick massage at home overall satisfied with the ease of using this product and how portable it is

Does the job!

This is effective and has a powerful motor, I like that we can manage the intensity and has many ranges.
The battery has a good life. Overall a sturdy little machine.