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Agility Rings
Agility Rings

Agility Rings

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Bring versatility to your workout with EVOKE Agility Rings. Used to improve coordination, balance, foot speed, power and accuracy, these sturdy rings can be arranged in numerous configurations to add variety to your training sessions. Clip them together for fast footwork, set them apart for bounding drills, create bumps for jumping, and much more. A great fit for sports training and team drills, they're easy to transport, set up and take down, so you can hone your agility skills anytime, anywhere. These EVOKE Agility Rings include connector clips.

Set of 6 and 21 5/8 inches X 19 3/8 inches (55 cm x 49 cm)

Features & Benefits

Helps develop coordination, balance, foot speed, power and accuracy

Multipurpose set offers numerous configurations
Easy to set up and take down
Rings fold for easy storage and portability
Durable design withstands regular training sessions
Includes connector clips and carrying bag

Customer Reviews

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Great product !

Thank you Influenster for these Agiltiy Rings. They are a great tool to help you get your body moving. I love that they can clip together and that they can be stored easily and don't take up a lot of space!!! My son saw them and was super excited to give them a try as he's very active. I haven't tried it yet, but I think they would be fun to use with my youngest child as well! There's so many ways these can be used!! Thanks again for this #complimentary item in exchange for my honest review! I love getting things that I can use on an ongoing basis.

Great and useful it is.

These are great, useful and easy to assemble. Great exercise and speed practice for my boy who loves soccer. The only downside is it looks so fragile that Im scared it might easily break.

Light and a Fun Workout

Light and easy to bring out to workout with friends (or kids) in the park or at home. Theres different configurations that you can set it for your workout. Its also sturdy and good quality. Ill definitely be using this more in the summer.

Versatile piece of equipment

They seem like a really good quality agility ring. They seem very durable and you can set them up in many different configurations. Itll be sure to give you a great full body workout.

Easy to use and lightweight

These agility rings are really helpful during workouts. I looked up workouts on YouTube and have incorporated them into my routine. I would recommend. They connect very easily as well.