Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands
Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands
Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands

Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands

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Improve your overall balance and core strength with the EVOKE Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands. Great for stability, strength and functional training, you can easily adapt it to suit your unique health goals. Made to engage various muscle groups, the half ball trainer can be used either way up, and it comes with attachable resistance bands for workout versatility. Whether performing squats and sit-ups, planks and push-ups or resistance exercises like lateral raises and deadlifts, it delivers a full body workout. Boasting a durable, anti-burst design and sturdy, non-slip surface, the EVOKE Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands is sure to become an enduring tool in your daily fitness journey.

22 13/16 inches Diameter (58 cm)

Features & Benefits

Multipurpose trainer for balance work and core strength

Use both sides for a variety of workouts and to engage various muscle groups
Comes with attachable resistance bands for workout versatility
Durable, anti-burst construction for safe, long-lasting use
Non-slip base for stability
Includes an easy-use hand pump


Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Great product! I love that the pump is included, and the strength bands are a great bonus! Easy to set up and simple to use. The rubber is very strong and feels quite durable. Should last a long time

Easy Fitness

The balance trainer is a nice way to a low impact functional
workout. It was easy to set up and inflate. It did take a bit of elbow grease to inflate but it was fun. The balance trainer is very stable and sturdy. It held my weight fine on both sides. The handle bands are very low resistance and a bit long. I felt that it didn't really add to my workout as I do need more resistance. It would be nice to have an option of adding your own bands. These bands are not removable.

Good product

Love this balance trainer. Dont think I will use the handles often. Think its fine without it. Definitely great addition to our fitness collection.

Not for me cheap pump too

This product is very flimsy. The pump to blow up the balance trainer is so cheap and awful. If I had paid retail for this product, I would have returned it.

Nice workout tool!

It was very easy to install, the manual pump did a surprisingly good job to inflate the ball. I love how you can use either side of the balance trainer and how easy it is to use!