Marble Print Yoga Mat - Pink
Marble Print Yoga Mat - Pink
Marble Print Yoga Mat - Pink
Marble Print Yoga Mat - Pink

Marble Print Yoga Mat - Pink

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Whatever your practice style, EVOKE Yoga Mats are designed to support you in your wellness journey. Our 5 mm marble print yoga mats offer a grippy surface for traction in any pose and firm, cushioned support for comfort, from sun salutation through to stretching. They are made from durable and lightweight material that's easy to clean, so you can focus on your discipline without distraction. Whether pushing your personal boundaries with a more rigorous ashtanga or practicing a gentle, restorative yoga to soothe your body and mind, easy-care EVOKE Yoga Mats provide a firm foundation at home or in the studio. Namaste.

3/16 inches (5 mm) Thickness and 71 x 26 inches (180 x 66 cm)

Features & Benefits

Stylish, marble print

Non-slip, grippy surface for secure traction during your practice
5 mm thick cushioning for comfort and support on hard floors
Lightweight for easy carrying to and from the studio
Tear-resistant design
Made from durable, TPE material
Easy to clean—simply wipe down

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good pilates mat!

This is a pretty good mat! Great for yoga and pilates. Its soft and cushioned well. It doesnt have the same grip or easy to wipe finish as some other mats so it may not be great for high impact or as easy to clean as some others.

My cat loves it, but..

My cat loves it! Its super cute and really thick! however Id say its not as durable as I had hoped, its really hard to keep it flat and theres already picks it in. I think it makes a great at home pilates matt because of the grip! but I probably wouldnt bring it to a class if the edges are going to flip up.

Cute and looks durable but comfort is meh

It's an okay mat ..It's not that thick to be putting pressure on your knees doing fire hydrants or anything like that but it's better than a few I have tried. The color is cute and seems like it will be durable. It does not slip the grip is good and I like the design .

Tummy time for mom and baby

Nice thick mat , cute colouring. Been using it to get my body moving after birth. The smell is quite strong out of the package but it went away after a week. Thick mat makes it easy on joints.


This is a great Yoga mat. Its very comfortable. Its thick enough so it doesnt feel like youre in the floor. It has great grip and doesnt move around no matter the position youre in. Easy to clean as well, just a quick wipe and its good ! Also very cute colour