Cork Yoga Wheel
Cork Yoga Wheel
Cork Yoga Wheel

Cork Yoga Wheel

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Enhance your yoga practice with an EVOKE Cork Yoga Wheel. The 12.5 1/2” yoga wheel helps you fully stretch your body, allowing you to open your back and chest and relieve discomfort. It lets you move safely into deeper postures and offers stability when balancing and holding difficult poses. The wheel features a comfortable, non-slip outer cork layer supported by a sturdy plastic core. Whether stretching tight muscles, improving flexibility or looking for support to tackle more complicated yoga poses, the EVOKE Cork Yoga Wheel provides a firm foundation at home or in the studio. Namaste.

12 1/2 inches Diameter (32 cm)

Features & Benefits

Multipurpose wheel for stretching, balancing and flexibility

Helps with stretching to relieve discomfort
Allows for deepening of postures
Provides support for difficult poses
Non-slip surface for stability
Cork exterior resists moisture, bacteria and odours
Durable, plastic inner layer offers excellent support