Mini Resistance Band - Light
Mini Resistance Band - Light

Mini Resistance Band - Light

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Elevate your total body workout with an EVOKE Resistance Band. A versatile tool for fitness or physical therapy, resistance bands help build strength and stability and assist with warm-up, recovery and muscle activation. They are crafted from durable and flexible latex rubber in a range of resistance levels and are lightweight and portable, so you can easily exercise at home, the office or on the road. Whether you're looking to stretch tight muscles, tone and strengthen or rehabilitate from a muscle-related injury, an EVOKE Resistance Band brings flexibility to your routine. Ideal for strength training, yoga, Pilates, general fitness and rehabilitation.

59 x 5 x 3/32 inches (150 x 12.6 x 0.25 cm)

Features & Benefits

Light resistance level

Multipurpose band for upper and lower body stretching and workouts
Increases strength and stability
Ideal for warm-up and muscle activation
Assists with rehabilitation and injury recovery
Durable latex construction stands up to regular use
Lightweight and compact design
Offered in a selection of intensity levels
Use for strength training, yoga, Pilates and more


Customer Reviews

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High quality and versatile bands

These are very comfortable to use. They feel soft and high quality. I love to use it for warming up or to do exercise. Also Ive been trying to do some posture therapy and these are great!!! Love that I can use these on my room or in the gym. Great for travel. These also are very large. Everyone can use these.

Add into your exercise regime

Love this little resistance band. Its durable and really works you back, shoulders and arms. I used it for upper and lower body. Worth it! Add this into your exercise regime.

Compact and easy

Compact and easy to use resistance bands. Love that they fit into my gym bag and are bright coloured and easy to find. The elasticity on them is great quality. Looking forward to trying them more throughout the summer months

Firm and flexible

I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest opinions. Its flexible and smooth but also quite firm to get the job done right! I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Great for warm up or joint maintenance

Great band that I like to use for warm ups or therapy on a sore joint. You can hold it or tie it off on an apparatus to use. So far the quality has been great and it doesnt appear like it will break easily. Very happy.