Non-slip Yoga Towel
Non-slip Yoga Towel
Non-slip Yoga Towel
Non-slip Yoga Towel
Non-slip Yoga Towel

Non-slip Yoga Towel

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Move through each sequence gracefully with the Evoke Non-slip Yoga Towel. The super-soft towel serves as a grippy top layer for your yoga mat, allowing you to execute positions with confidence. It's crafted from a durable and lightweight material that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, so you can focus on your tree pose or jump through without distraction. Whether pushing your personal boundaries with more rigorous ashtanga or hot yoga, practicing Pilates or engaging in a gentle, restorative yoga to sooth your body and mind, this Evoke Non-slip Yoga Towel will provide a stable surface for your practice. Namaste.

71 x 26 inches (180 x 66 cm)

Features & Benefits

Non-slip top layer for your yoga mat

Super-absorbent and quick-drying material
Soft yet durable for lasting use
Lightweight for easy carrying to and from the studio
Ideal for all types of yoga, Pilates and workouts


Customer Reviews

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Light weight!

Thin and light weight, this yoga towel is great. It definitely does not slip and can be taken anywhere. I've also used it to dry my hair as it absorbs water really well.

Evoke - great yoga non slip mat

The grip is amazing. I have been doing hot yoga with lots of sweating. The towel is comfortable and doesn't move much on the mat. I highly recommend this brand for a yoga mat

Portable and small

I love how small this rolls up makes it super easy to take it anywhere, nice and soft and the size is great! Very easy to roll back up and pack away in a hurry does make it a little harder to grip to your mat but over all still great

Great quality

You know when you go to a yoga studio and borrow one of their mats? This would be amazing to throw on top for sanitary reasons!
Nice big size, so great for any body type!

The towel is soft and absorbent(would be great for hot yoga or extra sweat absorption). Little grip dots stop it from sliding around as you move and change poses.

It's durable and long enough for a tall person!

This is actually a good length for me. I fit decently well on it for being a guy that is 6'6. It's good to have a stable mat that has grips. Easy to fold up and take with me where I need to go.