Resistance Band - Light
Resistance Band - Light
Resistance Band - Light

Resistance Band - Light

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Elevate your total body workout with an EVOKE Resistance Band. A versatile tool for fitness or physical therapy, resistance bands help build strength and stability and assist with warm-up, recovery and muscle activation. They are crafted from durable and flexible latex rubber in a range of resistance levels and are lightweight and portable, so you can easily exercise at home, the office or on the road. Whether you're looking to stretch tight muscles, tone and strengthen or rehabilitate from a muscle-related injury, an EVOKE Resistance Band brings flexibility to your routine. Ideal for strength training, yoga, Pilates, general fitness and rehabilitation.

80 x ½ inches (203 x 1.3 cm)

Features & Benefits

Light resistance level of 20–30 lb (9–13.6 kg)

Multipurpose band for upper and lower body stretching and workouts
Increases strength and stability
Ideal for warm-up and muscle activation
Assists with rehabilitation and injury recovery
Durable latex construction stands up to regular use
Lightweight and compact design
Offered in a selection of intensity levels
Use for strength training, yoga, Pilates and more


Customer Reviews

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Thick and durable

The band is very durable and thick does not feel like a light band to me. I don't find this as comfortable as other bands it's a little bit too rigid for me. I think once I gain more strength it may be more effective for me.

Full body workout

I have started on a new health journey and this product could not have come at a better time. It is low impact and is a full body workout . It aids in flexibility and strength training. The light resistance is 20-30lbs and is perfect for what I'm looking for. It is great for physical therapy as well as warm up.. it comes in 4 different resistance levels

Fun addition to exercise

Great band for lower weight exercises. I loved how elastic and sturdy it felt. I wish that it was slightly thicker for better stability when holding it.

Durable at home workout equipment

Super durable and I have been trying it out for a couple days now! The resistance level is true to packaging and love that it's versatile for different exercises.

Lightweight and durable

I received this product for free from Influenster and Evoke in exchange for my honest review. @Influenster #Complimentary #wellnessyourway @sportchek

I received the light resistance power band which provides around 20-30 lbs of resistance. This band is lightweight, easily portable and has a length that's less than the average adult arm span when laid flat. It comes in a continuous, circular-shaped band made of latex rubber that's smooth, easy to grip and non-scratching on the edges. I like how there's a bit of thickness to this band, which makes it feel more comfortable when holding and stretching. Though personally, I would prefer it if the band were double the width and thickness for an even better grip and level of comfort. This resistance band is quite durable and has retained it original shape with no signs of deformation even after I used it during several workouts and stretching exercises.