Resistance Tube - Heavy
Resistance Tube - Heavy
Resistance Tube - Heavy
Resistance Tube - Heavy

Resistance Tube - Heavy

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Elevate your total body workout with an EVOKE Resistance Tube. A versatile tool for fitness or physical therapy, resistance tubes help build strength and stability and assist with warm-up, recovery and muscle activation. EVOKE Resistance Tubes are crafted from durable and flexible latex rubber with non-slip comfort grips. They come in a range of resistance levels and are lightweight and portable, so you can easily exercise at home, the office or on the road. Whether you're looking to stretch tight muscles, tone and strengthen or rehabilitate from a muscle-related injury, an EVOKE Resistance Tube brings flexibility to your routine.

50 3/8 inches (128 cm)

Features & Benefits

Heavy resistance level

Multipurpose tube for upper and lower body stretching and workouts
Increases strength and stability
Ideal for warm-up and muscle activation
Assists with rehabilitation and injury recovery
Non-slip comfort grip
Durable latex construction stands up to regular use
Lightweight, easily portable design


Customer Reviews

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Versatile for fitness or physical therapy

I just love this Evoke Resistance Band you can do alot of different exercises with it. This is my first time using this product. It is so versatile. Mine is heavy but you can get light or medium resistance as well. So easy to use and it gives you great strength training, functional training and is so flexible. You can use it for yoga or rehabilitation, pilates and even general fitness. @Influenster #Complimentary #wellnessyourway @sportchek


Such a budget friendly, piece of exercise equipment! Its durable, versatile and quite easy to use. Its better quality than other bands Ive had in the past.

Great product

These are a great product for exercising and using for resistance. They are very well made and will be used by me for many years to come. They are very comfortable to use as well.

Best Comfort & Durable for workouts!

This Evoke Fitness Resistance band is great for its durability, elasticity, and versatility.
It provides me a consistent resistance throughout workouts, suitable for various exercises, including strength training, mobility work, and rehabilitation exercises. The band has a high-quality material, which helps prevent snapping or rolling during use.
Lastly, the beautiful green color just makes me happy & motivated to do my workouts using it more on a regular basis.

Very Flexible!!

The Evoke resistance band is very flexible, durable and lightweight. I can easily do my workouts at home using the resistance band. Its great for strengthening & toning your muscles. I like how the resistance levels are high and strong. I use it while doing my workouts following YouTube videos such as pilates, stretching and strength training. Also you can easily take it with you anywhere.