Resistance Tube - Medium
Resistance Tube - Medium
Resistance Tube - Medium
Resistance Tube - Medium

Resistance Tube - Medium

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Elevate your total body workout with an EVOKE Resistance Tube. A versatile tool for fitness or physical therapy, resistance tubes help build strength and stability and assist with warm-up, recovery and muscle activation. EVOKE Resistance Tubes are crafted from durable and flexible latex rubber with non-slip comfort grips. They come in a range of resistance levels and are lightweight and portable, so you can easily exercise at home, the office or on the road. Whether you're looking to stretch tight muscles, tone and strengthen or rehabilitate from a muscle-related injury, an EVOKE Resistance Tube brings flexibility to your routine.

50 3/8 inches (128 cm)

Features & Benefits

Medium resistance level

Multipurpose tube for upper and lower body stretching and workouts
Increases strength and stability
Ideal for warm-up and muscle activation
Assists with rehabilitation and injury recovery
Non-slip comfort grip
Durable latex construction stands up to regular use
Lightweight, easily portable design


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not what I received

Not what I received, I have yet to find a use for the band I received. Seems like it would be good for stretching and some arm work. What I got was a thick band with no handles.

Good product

Im new to using resistance bands. This one came be used for a variety of exercises and seems to hold up well to whatever task you put it to. The handles are comfortable to hold and it feels good in your hands.

Not as Pictured.

Perhaps I was a bit confused as the photo of the product has handles. The band does not. You basically need to purchase your own handles or awkwardly wrap it around your hands in hopes it doesn't let loose and whip you in the face...

Easy to use, effective

I loved my experience with evoke resistance band. I received the medium resistance which was a great starting place. Its so versatile, great for workout, warm up and cool down. So many different moves to target different muscles, its a great addition.

Great workout tool!

Having incorporated resistance bands into my workout routine, I can confidently say they're a game-changer. Their versatility allows for a full-body workout, targeting muscles from various angles. They are gentle on joints while still providing a challenging workout. With resistance bands, I've experienced noticeable strength gains and improved flexibility. Highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their fitness regimen!