Rubber Yoga Mat - Black
Rubber Yoga Mat - Black
Rubber Yoga Mat - Black
Rubber Yoga Mat - Black
Rubber Yoga Mat - Black
Rubber Yoga Mat - Black

Rubber Yoga Mat - Black

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Whatever your practice style, Evoke Yoga Mats are designed to support you in your wellness journey. Our 4 mm rubber mat offers a grippy surface for traction in any pose and firm, cushioned support for comfort, from sun salutation through to stretching. It's waterproof and durable, so you can focus on your discipline—no matter how sweaty—without distraction. Whether pushing your personal boundaries with a more rigorous ashtanga or hot yoga or practicing a gentle, restorative yoga to sooth your body and mind, easy-care Evoke Yoga Mats provide a firm foundation at home or in the studio. Namaste.

4 mm thickness / 71 x 26 inches

Features & Benefits

Non-slip, grippy surface for secure traction during your practice

4 mm thick cushioning for comfort and support on hard floors
Durable, waterproof material great for sweaty conditions
Easy to clean—simply wipe down


Customer Reviews

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You new favourite exercise mat

I am so thankful for the Evoke Rubber Yoga mat. I love that it is thicker than most mats, so it stays in place. The underside has a texture that grips the floor to make sure when you are flowing through movements, there is no slip. It is easy to roll up and put away, either Ron it's side or standing up. My only complaint is that it holds oils on the surface which make it hard to clean with water based wipes.

So comfortable without that neoprene smell

This has to be one of my favorite yoga mats Ive used. It has great grip and feels so comfortable under my feet. The thickness is spot on and its around 6 ft in length.

Im excited to keep using this.

?????? Amazing

This rubber yoga mat is very thick which ensures the comfort while workout. The grip is fantastic which makes you feel stable in any posture. After using the Evoke Rubber Yoga Mat, my workout experience has improved a lot.

It's a great mat

The quality of the Evoke yoga mat is unmatched! We absolutely love it! My granddaughter does yoga with me every morning with it! It could be a bit thicker for my old knees but it's durable!


This mat's non-slip surface keeps you grounded through every pose, while its timeless black design exudes elegance and focus. Get ready to flow with ease and style downward dog never felt so sophisticated!