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Ease a set of Evoke Sliders into your low-impact workout and engage your core. Sliders are discs designed to glide on the floor while you step or place your hands on them. They challenge your balance and stability, isolating your core during strength or cardio sessions. Compact and lightweight, core sliders are perfect for set up in small spaces and while traveling, so you can make your workout fit your lifestyle. Tackling a series of glutes and squats? Trying out a plank challenge? Whatever your fitness goals, whether a defined six pack or improved stability, the versatile Evoke Slider will bring variety to your core workout.

8 5/8 x ½ inches (22 x 1.2 cm)

Features & Benefits

Isolates the core to strengthens and tones

Works with a variety of exercises
Compact and lightweight for easy portability
Ideal for use during low-impact workouts
Suitable on all surfaces, including hard floors and carpet

Customer Reviews

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Great addition to your workout!

Easy to use, and add a different element to the daily workout! The discs are a good shape, look and provide good support while using them. It is useful as it improves or adds to your workout routine!

great sliders!

perfect addition to my home gym! they are great quality and slide smoothly on hardwood or carpet floors. these sliders are great for a variety of workouts!

Comfortable Stretching Equipment for Mobility

These discs made stretching and getting into certain poses while on a carpeted area really easy and comfortable. I'd recommend this product and brand.

Great add to your daily workout!

These slider discs are a great add to my daily workout. They're effective and easy to use. Love the quality and the durability of these slider discs too!

Fun and Effective!

Say hello to my new favourite part of my workouts! Ive been slowly forming my own home gym and these slider discs are such a welcome addition to it that I didnt realize I was missing until now. It doesnt matter if you have carpet or hard floor, because this can be used on all floor types. I could feel it in my core when I was using them, and I felt it even more in my abs the next day, which is my favourite feeling! I alternate using them between my hands and my feet, and between standing and on the ground. Theyre great for increasing the intensity on my plank movements, lunges, mountain climbers, and a ton of other moves, which is helping me improve my strength and stability even further. Even better than how well they work for me is how much fun I have using them; its hard to commit to consistent exercise if youre not enjoying doing it, and these really are a blast to use! This product was sent to me in exchange for a honest review.