Speed Hurdles
Speed Hurdles
Speed Hurdles
Speed Hurdles

Speed Hurdles

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Bring versatility to your workout routine with EVOKE Speed Hurdles. Used to improve coordination, balance, foot speed and strength, these speed hurdles will elevate your training sessions. Add variety to your fitness routine with straight and lateral drills, hops, bounding drills and more. A great fit for both solo sports training and team drills, they're easy to transport and set up, so you can hone your speed and agility skills anytime, anywhere. This EVOKE Speed Hurdles Set includes 6 hurdles.

6 hurdles - width: 18 1/2 inches (47 cm)  x height 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm)

Features & Benefits

Helps develop coordination, balance, foot speed and strength

Multipurpose set
Easy to set up and take down
Durable design withstands regular training sessions
Includes a carrying bag for easy storage and portability

Customer Reviews

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I received these from influencer in exchange for my honest review.Super durable and versatile. I absolutely love these and will be using these lots. They are light so easy very easy to move around. These absolutely work and im excited to use these in my workout routine at home. Only thing I wish was that it had a carrying case to store them in.

Very durable

Very durable light weight and great for training indoors or outdoors would definitely recommend to friends family etc.......thank you for letting me test this!!!

Versatile Training Equipment

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I received this set of hurdles in exchange for my honest review. The envoke 6 pack speed hurdles come with 3 velcro ties for easy transport. These hurdles feel solid with a nice finish. They're easy to set up and put away. A great addition to my workout routine. I recommend this for anyone looking for a way to work on their speed and balance training. One of the advantages of hurdles is the ability to adjust the spacing between hurdles to continuously challenge yourself.

Speed Hurdles

Thank you @Influenster @influensterca @sportchek for the opportunity to try EVOKE Speee Hurdles #Complimentary #wellnessyourway

This is a pack of 6 speed hurdles that allow you to have fun and get fit. These speed hurdles are a fun way to get some cardio and full body training done right in the comfort of your home. The hurdles are already assembled you just set them up however you want. They are also easy to store and come with velcro ties so you can keep them all together. I like having an option to add something different into my daily workout just by adding one or more hurdle. The design is super durable as well, I have stepped on them and they have not broken yet ??

Nice hurdle set

These hurdles took a while to come in but I was pleased when they did. They are lightweight and portable. This makes them easy to bring outside and safer (in case you trip over one). They are a great addition to my HIIT workouts and my boys enjoy using them for sports agility practice.