Speed Jump Rope
Speed Jump Rope
Speed Jump Rope

Speed Jump Rope

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Elevate your favourite workout with an Evoke Speed Jump Rope. Jumping rope provides total body strength and conditioning, helps improve coordination and endurance and burns calories. Speed ropes focus on speed and quickness, making them ideal for footwork, coordination and conditioning. Our adjustable speed rope features contoured comfort handles and can be sized to suit your preference. Whatever your fitness goals, an Evoke Speed Jump Rope brings a fun and challenging element to fitness. Use it to complement CrossFit, Boxing, MMA or HIIT training or simply fit in a quick jump session during your busy day.

9’ 2 inches (2.8 m)

Features & Benefits

Speed rope helps with footwork, coordination and conditioning

Adjustable 2.8m long rope for customized sizing
Contoured handles for a comfortable grip
Lightweight and durable design
Easily packable and portable for use on the go
Ideal for use alone or to complement CrossFit, Boxing, MMA or HIIT training)

Customer Reviews

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Bonne conception - Manque d'instruction

Je suis satisfait de mon achat. Pour ceux qui cherche, j'ai trouvé, caché dans une vidéo, comme ajuster la corde. Simplement appuyer sur le bout de l'attache. Voir la photo.
I am satisfied with my purchase. For those who are looking, I found, hidden in a video, how to adjust the rope. Simply press on the end of the clasp. See the photo.

Great workout tool!

I haven't jumped rope in a long time and I forgot what a work out this was. I was huffing and puffing after a few minutes. Great for a quick workout. My only complaint is that it is hard to adjust. You can adjust up to a certain length but since I am shorter, 5'1", it was still too long. I had to cut off some of the rope to get to the correct length for me.

Evoke - Speed Jump Rope

Great quality jump rope, but be aware its on the longer side. Excellent for taller individuals or for those who prefer a longer rope. Im 52 so it was a bit too long for me. Overall though, its design is sleek and comfortable to use!
Thank you to Evoke for sending me this product free!

Speedy Jumping

I really like this speed jump rope. Its durable and lightweight. I did find the length a little long and Im not sure if I can adjust it. Its comfortable to hold and spins quickly.

Good quality

High quality skipping rope. Great for exercise. Really appreciate getting this product. I will be using it a lot for sure. Thanks guys all the best.