Weighted Jump Rope
Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope

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Elevate your favourite workout with an Evoke Weighted Jump Rope. Jumping rope provides total body strength and conditioning and helps improve coordination and endurance. A rope that's weighted requires more effort to swing. The result? Your upper body works harder, and you expend more energy, boosting strength and burn calories. Our adjustable weighted jump rope features contoured comfort handles and can be sized to suit your preference. Whatever your fitness goals, an Evoke Weighted Jump Rope brings a fun and challenging element to fitness. Use it to complement CrossFit, Boxing, MMA or HIIT training or simply fit in a quick jump session during your busy day.

8' (2.5 m) | 1 lb 4 oz (574 g)

Features & Benefits

Weighted rope helps boost strength and burn calories

Adjustable 8' long rope for customized sizing
Contoured handles for a comfortable grip
Easily packable and portable for use on the go
Ideal for use alone or to complement CrossFit, Boxing, MMA or HIIT training
Weight: 1 lb 4 oz (574 g)

Customer Reviews

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Good workout Gear

I loved the weighted rope, it makes ny regular skipping hard. You can also easily take the weights out if you want a light workout. The only thing is I cant fiqure out how to adjust the length or is there even a way to adjust the length of the rope. Overall,
It is a good quality rope!

Good quality

Received this product and found it to be just like any other jump rope. lol its very good quality, and am happy I was able to snag one. Would be great for summer outdoor workouts

Weighted Rope??

The skipping rope is very effective. It is very weeded on the handles. I personally like this because it is lot easier to skip with without having to always hit your ankles. The grips are soft, but not too soft. I personally feel like the handles are well balanced, and Im just excited to have my skipping rope back in my gym routine.

Get your workout in

This weighted jump rope is awesome, its heavy and long. You can definitely feel the burn. Its easy to store and take anywhere. You can adjust the length of the Juno rope by wrapping it around your hands if needed

Very effective!

By far one of the better weighted jump ropes I owned. The handles are very comfortable. Easy to take anywhere with you. It is also the perfect length! Easy to wrap around your hands if needed to be adjusted.