Yoga Support Pads
Yoga Support Pads
Yoga Support Pads

Yoga Support Pads

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Eliminate aches and pains from your yoga practice with EVOKE Yoga Support Pads. The small, lightweight pads provide protection, cradling sensitive areas like knees, wrists and elbows. They feature a curved design for a comfortable fit, no matter how long you hold your pose. The durable material retains its shape, and a textured bottom ensures a secure grip. Whether practicing yoga, stretching sore muscles or executing floor exercises, EVOKE Yoga Support Pads provide support where you need it most. Namaste.

21.6 inches X 19.3 inches (55 cm x 49 cm)

Features & Benefits

Cushions and support the joints

Curved design comfortably fits knees, elbows, wrists and more
High-density EVA foam is durable and retains its shape over time
Textured bottom for a secure grip
Lightweight and portable

Customer Reviews

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The quality is great

Love the support of these Evoke Yoga Knee Pads. They are very comfortable, durable and fit every size. They are also very versatile and I would buy these again as gifts for my family or friends since the quality is great.

This product is amazing!

This product is amazing! You can use it for your knees for your booty workout BUT ALSO for your elbows for your abs workout. It has a dent in the middle thats perfect to fit your knee and elbow with it move and slip around.

Very helpful and supportive

Chronic pain is a bleep, and any movement exacerbates it. But stretching is a must unless you want to creak like a rusty door. So little things, like these handy Evoke Yoga Knee Pads Influenster sent me to try free in exchange for my honest opinion, help.

Let's face it, I am not going to pretend to be a fitness guru. I try to keep moving, because I keep trying to work on my health so that one day moving won't hurt as much, taking a walk won't require days of planning and I might be able to take up the sports I played and enjoyed when I was younger. Doing what we can IS good enough.

The Evoke pads are very helpful. They make movement easier when I am doing anything that requires kneeling and also for resting my elbows. There's an indentation or cup in the middle, so you don't slip off, and they provide support without feeling too hard.

They have some grip on them. I use them on carpet, but I don't think they would slip on hardwood or tile. Directly on grass might not be the best thing.

I wouldn't have thought to look to yoga accessories for my exercise needs, but it makes sense!

Versatile pads

I like that they have grips so they don't slide. The suction underneath doesnt let them get stuck. They seem a bit harder than I expected and think they could be a bit softer. I like the versatility of how I can use them. Overall great pads.

Very supportive and cushioned

I have bad knees and tennis elbow and these pads make my Pilates classes so much more enjoyable. They are sturdy but soft if that makes sense. Can be used for knees are elbows depending on what moves you are doing . Im obsessed